Monday, June 20, 2011

Narcissus's Mirror

The first scalometer fine art print "Narcissus's Mirror" was produced by Jerusalem Fine Art Prints and is now available to collectors.

It is called the mirror of Narcissus because as we access more scales of reality, we naively extend our expectations into those scales in a linear fashion: a little bigger or smaller, that's all. But in reality, the further we get from our human scale, the more unexpected behaviors and repercussions creep into our activity.

The print was displayed at the exhibition, "Art in the Eyes of Scientists and Engineers, Science and Technology in the Eyes of Artists" at the 1st International Art, Science and Technology conference held at ORT Braude College, Carmiel Israel, on the occasion of the International Art, Science and Technology conference. The exhibition was co-sponsored by the International Society For The Interdisciplinary Study Of Symmetry.

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