Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Human Being

Walt Whitman wrote, "I contain multitudes", and any scale survey reveals that this is literally true. See for example how Eames zooms into a man's hand and discovers layer upon layer of activity. Many people only focus outward, learn about the vastness of the universe and feel small. Don't do that. Don't only look up at big buildings, our huge planet and the distant stars and feel small. Look inside yourself: you are commander of a vast empire of micro- and nano-machines toiling endlessly to let you be a yourself.

When I diagram it on a scalometer it comes out about equal. You might be one in a billion (actually, one in seven billion), but you are also master of your major organs, bones and tissues: check it out on Google body. But the truly large numbers begin when you consider that you are composed of thousands of billions of cells, busy as beavers. Either way you look, macro- or micro-, there are worlds within worlds.

Scalometer of Human Being from individual to community, to body parts and chemical components, (c) 2011 Lionel Wolberger
The human scale is not small at all.

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